El Reposo Nursing Facility

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El Reposo Nursing Facility was given a 4 star overall rating by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) [1], placing it among the better 60–80% of nursing homes in Alabama. It also received a 4 star rating for Health Inspections, a 4 star rating for Quality Measures, a 3 star rating for Nursing Staffing and a 3 star rating for RN's Only.

El Reposo Nursing Facility has 60 beds making this nursing home smaller than the Alabama state average of 118. The average number of beds per nursing home in Lauderdale County is 122. Additionally, the 58 residents at El Reposo Nursing Facility are fewer than than the average state nursing homes population of 100, and is more full at 97% than the 86% occupied average Alabama nursing home. At the county level, Lauderdale County averages 103 residents per nursing home, for an average 89% occupation rate.

El Reposo Nursing Facility is located at 260 Milner Chapel Road in Florence, Alabama 35634. The federal provider number for El Reposo Nursing Facility is 015402. This nursing home accepts patients covered by both Medicare and Medicaid. The owner of El Reposo Nursing Facility does not own any other nursing homes, and is registered as a non profit - church related

Find nursing jobs available at El Reposo Nursing Facility and other nearby facilities in Florence include openings for positions like Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) and Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVN), Registered Nurses (RN), and other related positions in the fields of nursing home care and healthcare in general.

El Reposo Nursing Facility
260 Milner Chapel Road
Florence, Alabama 35634

Facility Details

Categorizations and Features [2]

  • Located at 260 Milner Chapel Road in Florence, Alabama 35634
  • Participates in Medicare and Medicaid
  • The facility is NOT located in a hospital
  • The Type Of Ownership is Non Profit - Church Related
  • The Owner does NOT own multiple nursing homes
  • Both resident and family councils are a available
  • The most recently available inspection was on June 13, 2018

Compare Ratings

User Rating Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Ratings [1]
Overall Health Inspections Quality Measures Staffing RN Staffing
El Reposo Nursing Facility
Lauderdale County, Alabama
Florence, Alabama

Compare Size and Occupancy

Average Certified Beds Average Residents Average Occupancy Total Certified Beds Total Residents
El Reposo Nursing Facility 60 58 96.7% 60 58
National 106 85 80.3% 1,647,841 1,318,186
Alabama 118 100 85.2% 26,688 22,637
Lauderdale County, Alabama 122 103 84.5% 612 517
Florence, Alabama 139 115 83.0% 554 460

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