Qualified Staff Availability » Utuqqanaat Inaat

Compare the qualified staff availability at Utuqqanaat Inaat against the Kotzebue, Alaska regional averages for nursing home staff availiblity among Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical or Vocational Nurses, and Certified Nursing Assistants and Therapists.

The numbers below indicate the average number of hours worked by licensed staff each day at the nursing home per resident. This information was calculated by comparing the number of hours worked by the staff of Utuqqanaat Inaat against the number of residents during the two week period prior to the inspection. (Staffing types like clericial, housekeeping and administrative positions are not included)

The CMS issued 5 star rating for Utuqqanaat Inaat takes into account that more staffing may be needed at nursing homes which may have sicker residents than others. [1]

Staffing Hours Per Resident » Utuqqanaat Inaat

Nurse Aid Staffing LPN Staffing RN Staffing Licensed Staffing Total Nursing Staffing Therapist Staffing
Reported Hours [2] 5:30 1:02 1:52 2:54 8:24 00
Expected Hours [2] 1:44 33 14 2:32
Adjusted Hours [2] 6:35 1:25 2:55 10:39
National 2:19 53 40 1:33 3:52 05
Alaska 4:45 50 2:09 2:60 7:45 04


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