Review of Edenbrook of Wisconsin Rapids

1 Star User Review

Nurses are wonderful, it's the staff that isn't. You have complaints and you go to them, and nothing gets done. The nurses are the ones to go to for everything. If you have a complaint, go to them, they get it done and usually the same day or within a day. Don't trust the staff for anything. The staff doesn't care about you, all they care is about the money they make while you are there. And once you are there, it's very hard to get out of there. You must demand to get out of their facility in order to move on with you life. Outpatient therapy is the way to go if you can do it. There are too many interruptions during your personal therapy that you can't make the best of your therapy sessions. Hope this has helped, I recommend that you demand your full therapy sessions or don't go there. However I also have to give credit to a therapist that even through the many interruptions, my friend did get better, but I'm glad she is out now and getting outpatient therapy everyday for a full hour without interruptions.