Review of Tomah Nursing and Rehab

2 Star User Review

We were very disappointed with this facility. Despite pre-arranging admission, there was no one available to do paperwork or perform an orientation when we arrived at our pre scheduled time. Locating staff proved difficult. The facility was clean enough but appeared run down. Furnishings and fixtures we're quite outdated. The bed and chair provided for the resident we're well past a state of comfort. The resident could get no sleep. Communication was a problem throughout the residents stay. The staff seemed reluctant to communicate with one another or with family support members. Power of attorney documents were disregarded. Nursing staff did not seem to understand the condition or needs of the resident. Response times to call Button were inappropriately long, resulting in incidents that could have easily been prevented. When an emergent situation arose, nursing staff seemed unwilling or unable to deal with it. Resident did not feel confident in the staff's ability to care for her. Resident felt quite isolated. Housekeeping was greatly lacking. Overall this facility did not appear to be qualified to provide the level of care the resident required. We would never choose this facility again.