Review of Bridges of Milwaukee Rehab and Care Center (The)

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this is a terrible facility, at least the unit my relative was on. some of the aides were rude and unprofessional; some of the nurses did not follow doctor;s orders; they took an inordinate amount of tme to answer call lights; they did not set up precautions to keep my relative from falling out of the bed twice. Numerous interactions with supervisors did not improve anything over all. My experience may not have been indicative of the entire facility but it is very true for the Unit my relative was on, particularly-second shift. Other shifts appeared to be adequate. I would think twice before putting a loved one there.

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This review has the INCORRECT star rating. The star rating should have been a ONE, Milwaukee Estates is NOT a 4 star facility. They are not up to par with other facilities and we had a terrible experience with them. On the surface they appear fine, but the actual care was not sufficicent and there wasn't enough supervisory oversight to make sure people are doing what they are supposed to be doing in caring for the people entrusted to their care. Seek another facility if you value good care.