Review of Sunrise Health Services

1 Star User Review

My dad spent thirty six hours at this facility. After a fall in the bathroom after lunch on June 2, 2012, he was moved to his bed where he remained for the next ten hours with a broken leg. I called my dad at 3:30 P.M. to see how his day was going and he was bawling. Unable to determine what was wrong over the phone, I came to find out in person. I spent 3 hours at his bedside and walking around the hallway and approaching the nurse's desk asking if a qualified nurse/aide/ health provider could help relieve his extreme leg pain that he was suffering as a result of the fall in the bathroom at 1:30 P.M. I asked for ice, pain meds, someone to see why he had a swollen knee and a large knot behind the knee. Everyone deferred me to Alex the nurse supervisor who NEVER made an appearance. I almost went to search him down myself, but decided not to leave my dad. I finally had to leave him alone, and told him to call me whenever he was given assistance. That call never came. At 11:30 P.M. the new shift arrived and the nurse supervisor called me at home to tell me they were sending my dad OUT for an x-ray because he was in such agonizing pain. I asked the nurse why it had taken ten hours to get him some attention and she said that she didn't know why and I should talk to the supervisor on Monday….a day and a half later. My dad was transported to a hospital, x-rays revealed a fractured femur, and surgery and a week long hospital stay resulted. We chose another facility for the subsequent rehab. Was told more than once, by a CNA and LPN that they were too busy to tend to my dad's obvious pain.