Review of Villa at Bradley Estates (The)

4 Star User Review

My mother was admitted to Villa At Bradley Estates for rehab. She was there for about 2 weeks. I brought clothing to accommodate her stay. 5 pair of slacks, 5 pullover blouses/shirts and the outfit she wore when admitted 1 pullover blouse and 1 pair of slacks for a total of 6 outfits (12 pieces). All of the clothing were labeled with my mothers name by the nursing home.

Upon release 8 pieces were missing (lost or stolen); I completed a form on November 4, 2013 at the nursing home and requested that I be notified if the clothes were found. I called 2 times and left voicemail messages for the social worker that I was referred to and have not received a response.

It is December 9, 2013…no response, so I am going to file a written complaint. We want replacement cost for my mothers clothing.