Review of Alden Estates of Jefferson

1 Star User Review

My 87 year old father had the misfortune of staying at Alden Estates of Jefferson in January 2012. He came in for rehab after an 8 day stay in the hospital resulting from a fall at home due to dehydration. The inital appearance and general staff are friendly and seemingly helpful. The OT and PT staff were wonderful to him but the nursing and aide caregivers left much to be desired. He was left sitting in the bathroom for over 15 min after using his call button that I observed on numerous occasions. My Dad and family requested a leg bag for his Foley catheter as he kept getting tangled in the longer bag tubing. And although he was not supposed to get out of bed unassisted, he did and I found him several times either in bed or the bathroom all tangled up. Hence an additional safety matter they chose to ignore. We also had difficulties with the speech therapist who refused to let him have clear fluids, based on what was on the report from the hospital and not assessing him herself other than watching him eat. We as a family noticed he was disoriented and dizzy, unsteady and requesting water. We voiced our concerns to the nursing staff and actually suggested he was dehydrated, we've seen these signs before on him, but were also ignored. Long story short, he ended up back in the hospital after an almost 2 week stay, having fallen again at Alden Estates (under suspicious circumstances) with a diagnosis of severe dehydration and failure to thrive!! I give this facility zero stars but the program wouldn't let me submit without selecting at least one. Sue Martin