Review of Maple Ridge Rehabilitation and Care Center

5 Star User Review

Being new to the Green Bay area, I have toured many of the facilities in the area to be more educated on the services and care that is being provided by them. I have been doing nonscheduled visits, because then a person can actually see how the staff is responding on a daily basis, instead of being ready for a "tour." San Luis was an exteremly impressive facility whose caregivers, nurses and anyone else involved showed that they cared about the people in the facility. The facility was very clean, although it may not be the newest modern day nursing home with all the fancy new items, I would be more than glad to send a client or family member of mine to this facility and know that I would not have to worry about the cares that he/she would get. San Luis- Thank you for caring for your people and not only about the $. This would be my first choice!