Review of Rennes Health and Rehab Center-Depere

1 Star User Review

This facility is not even worth staying at. The appearance is ok when you first look at it but the more involved you become with this place you find out all the negatives of this nursing facility. There Therapy is not what it states it is. We were told they could handle

my family members needs and it was the total opposite, they didnt meet her needs at all. They let her go with diarrhea for days and get dehydrated and didnt do anything for her it was at least around 3 weeks even with family demands to test her for infection. Once she got tested we found she had C-Diff and we also found out another resident had it just days before her, so this tells us she may have contracted it at the facility. They do not answer call lights for 15 mins to 20 mins, so if you have to go to the bathroom or have the diarrhea you either try holding it that long or go in your pants. We found out they do not tell the truth and blame the residents for everything. Things are always missing out of our family members room, meds are not given at time all the time they get off track and are late, they are very short handed every time you try to find someone to get some information there is no one to be found. Phones are not answered alot of times and you get disconnected once its passed from the receptionist to the nursing station, the phone at the nursing station rings off the hook and there have been several times where they picked up the phone and hung it back up and disconnected the call. They kepted our family member in bed alot instead of getting her up and moving to build strength. Overall we could go on and on and on with the negative of this place but all we would like to say is please do your loved one a favor stay away from this terrible place and go elsewhere, you will be better in the long run. God Bless…..Sis