Review of Burke Health and Rehabilitation Center

2 Star User Review

The overall cleanliness of the facility was good. The cleaning ladies were constantly cleaning during the day it seemed. CNAs barely spoke English. There seemed to be a contest to see who could turn the call light off the fastest and never respond back to the patient. My father would push the call button, the nurse or CNA would come in, turn it off, and say, "I'll be right back", but never came back. They would never even bother to at least ask during the few seconds in the room what help he needed. At night, when the sun goes down, the nurses go to sleep. We would pray and hope for the best, hope for a good nurse or aide. The place once was really good on customer service when my father was admitted her before, which is why we came back, but not so much anymore. If it wasn't for OT and PT, I would have taken my father out of that place. The rehab people are top notch, made my father feel like a human being.