Review of St Johnsbury Health & Rehab

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They were very rude to family members and informed family members that if the patient wasnt getting the medication that they required that it was up to the family to contact the doctor….that the nurses did what they could. When questioned about the treatment and lack of basic dignity, family was told that the door swung both ways. Family had an issue with potential exploitation by another individual and asked nurses for assistance with telephone numbers and were accosted by a team of nurses and administrator telling them that this was no place to conduct a family fight!! The very next morning, the administrator saw family in the public coffee room and questioned the topics for the days meeting (he was reminded of his previous rant) The family members were led to a room with the patient in the back, the scent of urine was prominent, and although the patient was present for the family's conversation with the social worker, administrator and nurse, they suggested that these conversations were upsetting to the patient, although they were certainly participating,seeming that only what ever the family brought up was upsetting and not their condescending responses. (no mental health evaluation had been done and to date, still hasnt happened) After 9 days of sitting in the room, no one had questioned what the patient liked to do for activities. No care plan established. The administrator promised a television to allow some mental stimulation for the patient and failed to produce that too. If a rating lower than one were available, it would have been chosen. Visitors listened to the bowel problems of the lady in the next bed and how her rectum was 'opened up like a garage door', repulsing the visitors and failing the room mate as well…disgusting!