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  • Highland Care Center Salt Lake City, Utah 84124

    My brother was in this facility and when her was transferred to another facility his new clothing has disappeared. Several of the nurses took the items that was missing down and we as well took down his items. I presented the missing items to the person at the desk handling this and she said She would take care of it. Several attempts later My husband and I went to the facility and was told to purchase the items mission and submit a bill which we did and a year later we still have not heard from them. It wouldn't have been so bad but we are not out the money for the items purchased and then we had to purchase them again and out that money too. I suggest don't buy any extra clothing for clients and have one set only. wear a gown because there seems to be someone taking things there.

  • Cascades at Riverwalk Midvale, Utah 84047

    Upon entry to the building for a tour you will be grilled about your insurance. If you verify that the place is in network, they won't believe you. They'll basically treat you like you're a liar. They'll also demand to see your insurance card - before even giving tour! My message to their executive director, quote begins:

    To the attention of your executive director.

    Yesterday I attempted to have a tour of your facility. Your rude admissions lady basically initially refused to provide a tour. Her very first action was to aggressively interrogate me regarding insurance coverage. Before visiting your facility I verified that your place is in network with my insurance. But, your admissions lady basically treated me like a liar. She was incredibly condescending and patronizing.

    Your admissions lady is an utter fool who treats potential customers in an obtuse and outrageous manner!

    Attached, is, proof that my insurance company is in network with your facility. But, you know, this treatment by your admissions lady is telling.

    Clearly, your facility is at far to high of a pompous know-it-all type of level to accommodate me and mine.

    Grilling potential customers about insurance coverage, is not cool. Yes, I verified that your place is in network before I came out for a tour. It's not my fault that your obtuse & rude & condescending & patronizing admissions lady isn't up to date.

    Other places, are more welcoming. You, have an incredibly inappropriate gauntlet in place just to have a simple tour!

    ----------end of quote

    One thing I didn't mention to their director is that yes the admissions lady did demand to see my insurance card. Her first inclination was to refuse to give me a tour. Only after she argued with me and belittled me did she finally agree, but by then I was pretty much unwilling to take her up on her offer - after she had grilled me about insurance and after she had treated me like crap for claiming that yes the place was in network even though my insurance company wasn't on her little list.

    Her scrunched face telling me "sorry, that one's not on our list." Obtuse. Stupid. Inane. Rude.

    Thus, avoid this crappy place. It's not only "too good" for me, it's "too good" for everyone.

  • Cascades at Riverwalk Midvale, Utah 84047

    I had my knees replaced 2 years ago. Cascades had state of the art Physical Therapy equipment. Physical therapists were good. Their food was excellent. They were not prepared on how to put together for me to use the knee bending machine, but before night fall they had it figured out. The director takes concerns seriously and gets right on them.

    Just like with most places, you need to be your own advocate.

  • Mission at Hillside Rehabilitation Center Salt Lake City, Utah 84105

    My 95 yr. old father with late stage Alzheimer's spent 5 days "respite" at Hillbrook, in conjuntion with Millcreek Hospice. This visit resulted in a marked deterioration in my father's condition. Many things promised for his care were never or very lately delivered (on the last day). Calls for staff assistance were remarkably slow. During the 2nd night it took 20 minutes for staff to get my father to the toilet and then left him there for another 10 minutes! One of the staff looked like they had been asleep. Another day, there was a 20 minute gap of time when our family couldn't be there and my father went to the bathroom by himself when he could have broken a hip or bone or hurt himself. He could not remember the call button due to his Alzheimer's, about which we often reminded the staff. Despite other such patients having a sensor/pressure pad, he wasn't given one until the last night. Being very frail, he has often fallen at home. Even after we registered our complaints to administration at Hillbrook and staff at Millcreek, very little that was promised or hoped for was delivered: a sensor pad, commode, stimulating pad and more, until the last night. And then, only after shouting at staff were the sensor pad and commode provided…late the night before he was scheduled to leave! Our family had to frequently remind staff to alternate pillows under his hip to help heal his bedsores. We had to request a sore to be cleaned before putting on a bandaid. There was NO hot water for at least 4 days, so he had to take a cold sponge bath. Promises to take him out into the sun never materialized. Everyone acted very nice, however, no amount of niceness could compensate for the poor care and oversight. The food was the S.A.D…very processed, very little fresh fruit or vegetables, including margarine and canned food and high glucose corn syrup…not designed for wellness at all. It was often noisy, hammering on the wall outside his room and loud voices, and there were many interruptions creating disturbances and robbing him of rest. Alzheimer patients were wandering alone around the hall; other patients were crying in distress and pain, one of which I assisted by finding staff for her. Despite apologies from both Millcreek and Hillbrook, no one took accountability and we still don't understand why his care was so poor. If our family didn't stay with him round the clock, I hate to think how he would have been treated. I would never recommend this facility to anyone who needed 24 hr. care!

  • Heritage Park Healthcare and Rehabilitation Roy, Utah 84067

    The squeaky wheel gets the grease at this care center. My mom died there and was constantly under hydrated. The CNA's do their best, but they are very short handed. Medical care is usually accomplished by having your loved one transported to their own personal care physician who can then document and send orders to the medical staff at the care facility. The billing office is absolutely unresponsive. Best advice is to NOT pay up front. Make them bill you first.

  • Copper Ridge Health Care West Jordan, Utah 84088

    yet another bad nursing home still functioning in the heart of salt lake lake under the "great" administration of adolf mark , this guy needs to go clean toilets in some hotel , this place gone to the floor because of one man show administrator !

    families will never know how much their loved onese had suffered( suffering) , please do a last favor to them give them a nice final resting place better then copper ridge , some staff members are still providing exceptional service while management doesn't worry about any thing

  • Cascades at Riverwalk Midvale, Utah 84047

    If there was a lower star than 1 I would give it to them. My dad was in there and fell, not unusual, but he complained about his hip hurting EVERY DAY. We asked about it and if it had been xrayed and of course they said they had and it was probably just bruised. After 10 days of pain I asked to see the xrays-- couldn't produce them until the next day and they suddenly called a family member that had not been involved in any of the discussions at all. He had broken his femur and they had been making him walk on it and basically told him to cowboy up. My dad spent the next week in a hospital recuperating from surgery and has not been able to walk since. Their so called rehab is a joke (if you call 5 min a day rehab)

    There nursing staff was ok I think, we could never find anyone.


  • Life Care Center of Salt Lake City Salt Lake City, Utah 84117

    Would NEVER recommend this place to anyone!! The night staff is the worse!! My grandfather was staying here. The CNAs would tease him and tell him to pee his bed. They wouldn't clean his room or his bath room. My grandpa would cry every time my grandma would leave for the day because he didn't want to be left alone with the staff. He can not walk or get up him self. He would be scared to ask for help at night. He ended up getting the stomach flu and had an accident in the bathroom they left the mess there and didn't clean it . my grandma came in the next day and saw the mess. She told so many people what was going on and no one wanted to fix the problem. He is finally got out of there and placed some where else. This place needs to be shut down or need to fire and hire other people.

  • Provo Rehabilitation and Nursing Provo, Utah 84604

    We should have done more research of facilities when we were looking for a place for my husband. He wasn't there two days before we decided we were moving him somewhere else. The response time for calls for assistance was often 45-60 minutes. Some of the nurses were impatient and seemed uncaring. The food was terrible. My husband is on a renal diet, which they knew about. For one dinner he was served the entire meal (nachos and ice cream) which was unfit for a dialysis patient. The only substitution available was a small side salad and a cup of peaches. The bathroom was filthy. The furniture for visitors was mismatched, uncomfortable and broken.

  • Mission at Hillside Rehabilitation Center Salt Lake City, Utah 84105

    This place is not a quality facility. Poor staff and not enough of them. Building is old and falling apart. Had many issues that were swept under the rug by management. High turnover of nurses and aids, basic needs were not being met at all. Do not put your loved one in there. Horrible place!

  • Bella Terra St George Saint George, Utah 84790

    The staff is great and the service top notch. I don't know what was going on 3 years ago, but there must be new management. The nurses were so helpful and knowledgeable, my mom can drive me nuts sometimes but they were great and worked with her and all her little quirks! Therapy staff worked with her almost daily and now she is home and better than before her surgery. I couldn't ask for a better group of people to watch out for my mom. Don't judge them by what you read here from so long ago, go tour their building and talk to their staff. Great place A+!!!

  • Aspen Ridge West Transitional Rehab Salt Lake City, Utah 84123

    Lincoln Church and the Aspen Ridge West Rehab Team are amazing! They are well trained and compassionate with their clients. I am grateful they let our company, Accessible Systems of Utah, present an inservice. These therapists really work hard to help their clients recover and thrive.

  • Provo Rehabilitation and Nursing Provo, Utah 84604

    DO NOT bring your loved ones here! Recently Provo Rehab and Nursing has undergone new management (new ED and Operations Manager). They're also currently lacking a DON, which has seem to make the nursing staff slack. Call light response times are outrageous and their nurses and CNAs seem uneducated. With the change in management came a lot of staff quitting. Unhappy staff = unhappy residents. Please, if you love your family, keep them out of Provo Rehab and Nursing.

  • Woodland Park Rehabilitation and Care Center Salt Lake City, Utah 84106

    My mother had the sad experience of being transferred to this place, She was in the respiratory wing on a ventilator and tract. Someone from the family would be their for a few hrs everyday. No matter what time of day it is. the alarms are going off. Mom was in a room with a lady with the same thing. Their vents would constantly sound alarms we would wait up to an hr, before anyone would come in and even check to make sure the patients were ok, or if it was just an alarm error!

    Mom started being overly tired and stopped responding to us. She developed Mursa during her stay. The respiratory therapist came in to suction her tract, and dropped the tube on the floor, He picked it up and gave it back to her. I asked if he was going to reuse that. He said it's ok it was just on the floor for a minute! Then he took it and rinsed it off with water and gave it back. I had to insist on the nurse to go replace it. I"I wonder how she got Mursa"!

    She started going down hill pretty fast Mom was on a feeding tube, And I asked the nurse while she gave mom her meds, why she did not give the tube a flush with water, We were aware of how it works, Her response was oh she gets enough with her food!

    She had to be rushed to the hospital , and when the nurses turned her over, she had a 4th degree bedsore on her tailbone, so large a big man's hand could completely fit inside of the hole, They had to do surgery, and were told it would never heal. Her kidneys were also dehydrated and was in need of dialyses, Which is why she was disoriented and not responding . During the time she was in there, I called adult protective service, Every time they came the center would have an excuse to not show her records, and say the computers were down.

    My mother never healed after that, and was placed in another care center, who should her care and compassion! The pain she went through because of negligent care is inexcusable !!

    PLEASE I am warning anyone this place is not good for your loved ones! My mother ended up passing away because she had no strength to fight the infection anymore.

    PLEASE check for bed sores when you visit your loved ones. I wish I had of done that.Make sure they are changing there bedding often and their depends. Document anything that is not right in your presence, And if you are worried the care they are not receiving is up to par, contact Adult protective services, and the ombudsman.

    The elderly deserve to be treated with respect towards the last years of their life. Remember we will all maybe be in this situation, start now on making sure your loved ones are taking care of. complain , be there, pay attention! They deserve our respect!! The only reason this is getting a star is because I can not post this with out rating it, or it would be minus 00000

  • George E Wahlen Ogden Veterans Home Ogden, Utah 84404

    I had the opportunity to do one of my clinicals at this facility and I have to say I am very impressed. The staff is amazing! They genuinely have a great concern and care for these amazing people (who in my mind deserve nothing less then the best!) The atmosphere is very content and happy in my view. It is definitely a feel good place. This is the place where I would want my loved ones to be because I know they are in the best hands. I was also very impressed at the love and support of the families. Visitors all the time.