Review of Trisun Care Center - Lakeside

1 Star User Review

My mother was a resident at Trisun Care Center for approximately 6 months. The staff was unresponsive on issue and the care seemed inadequate. Almost every time I went down the hallways it smelled of urine. One time I found an employee using the nebulizer hospice had provided but they thought it was ok since she used her own tubing. There were a few mishaps while there. A few times I found her naked in bed next to the AC unit. They would say she would take off her pants but there would be no pants laying around her. The last incident was when she had a huge hematoma on her forward with serious bruising all over her face and down her neck. They didn't file an incident report with the state until they knew I filed a complaint. Unfortunately our laws allow them to file it days after it happens as long as it is done before the investigator shows up. Don't be fooled by appearances. I would not recommend this place.