Review of The Rio at Mission Trails

1 Star User Review

Nursing homes have a bad rap and I think this facility is the example. The nice entrance does not reflect the actual care that the patients receive. Nurses are basically useless as they depend on CNA's and respiratory staff to go see what the patient needs. There are call lights on all over the place. They pass right by them, never bothering to see why the light is on. There are too many patients for the number of employees. These are not the regular patients as the other floors have. They require different, special care. I am just talking about this 400 hall that is supposed to be a special hall for ventilator patients. It's filthy. The 'housekeeping' mops all the patient floors with the same dirty disinfectant either. It's just disgusting. It's obvious the owner doesn't know anything about the medical fiield, just the bottom dollar.