Review of Powerback Rehabilitation San Antonio

1 Star User Review

My husband did not receive good care here. His first night, he fell trying to get to the bathroom. Eventually an aide came along, said "I can't help you get up," and left; he crawled back to bed.

When they didn't have the food he ordered for dinner one night, they brought one small cup of pudding; that's all. I had to go to HEB to get him some food.

They don't check to see if the bathrooms in the rooms have toilet paper, you have to ask and then wait. He was also out of towels for three days; they were "waiting for a delivery."

After having been in the hospital for three weeks, he never saw a doctor while at Powerback, although they supposedly have one on staff.

When my sister-in-law went to get his belongings, she was given one bag that was labelled for another patient in another room, and wasn't given all of his things.

I would not stay there, or recommend it to anyone else.