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These ratings and user reviews of Buena Vida Nursing and Rehab-San Antonio will help you pick the best nursing home in San Antonio, Texas. All our reviews are written by users like you, and are not available anywhere else! See what patients of Buena Vida Nursing and Rehab-San Antonio, their friends, their families, and their loved ones have to say about their experiences with this nursing home.

This nursing home is in bad shape my friend has been there for 3 years. The first time we complained about a leak they moved the patient to another hall. Another time the patient fell and the patient and roommate kept pushing the button and… Full Review

I spoke with the DON today because I was interested in having a family member admitted there and the DON, I wish I got her name was so RUDE! She didn't even allow me to get the fax number because she said "why does your family member need to… Full Review

This place has outstanding nursing care! I didn't care to much for the food though. Everyone that cared for my father was great. I had no complaints about the care I received. A tall black lady in charge of care told me and my dad that if he… Full Review

This facility does not deserve one star. The facility smells of urine and the Director of Nursing, Mrs Washington, does not even understand medications, the diagnoses they are used to treat, and their side effects. Mrs Washington does not… Full Review

One thing to keep in mind with any facility where you have an ailing loved one is it is a partnership between you and the staff. No facility is perfect and it is not their total responsibility. It is the duty of the family to continue to be… Full Review

this nursing home is hiding things about the asbestos floor that was torn up back in Feb. from the residents. ask to see the report made on asbestos before you put your love one in there. these people are bad, bad, bad! this management… Full Review

The residents need a safe place to sit outside and not be able to get out into the street. The front porch is o.k. however it is so easy for a resident to roll their wheelchair down the ramp and into the parking lot or out of the area completely… Full Review

Most of the time, the food served to residents rooms is barely warm, much less hot. I am at the facility a lot of the time and I notice the food carts get pushed onto the hall and are sometime left unattended for a half hour or more, before… Full Review

My mother has been in the facility for two years. I have found the facility provides quick response when family member reports an issue with resident care. Knowing we have a family council makes me very comfortable, not many facilities have… Full Review

My 82 yo mother was at Buena Vida Rehab for 6 weeks after a bad fall. We found the staff to be caring and professional. Mother was treated with dignity by all the staff. We are indebted to the great PT and OT departments, who were able to… Full Review

Very bad communication between staff and patient's family.Staff very hard to get in contact with. They insisted I go sign papers for my brother, while I was working and then when I did sign, they transferred him to the hospital and refused… Full Review

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