Review of Belterra Health & Rehab

5 Star User Review

My brother (70 years old) has advanced peripheral nuropathy. About 6 months ago, he got a powered/lifting recliner. He pretty much stays in the recliner night and day. In May of 2017, he became so weak he couldn't get out of a dining room chair. Fire/ems were called and he was taken to the hospital. After 6 hours in emergency, they could find no apparent cause for the weakness. He stayed in the hospital about 6 days, and was sent to Belterra for rehab. The Physical Therapy people met with him the afternoon he arrived. He stayed at Beterra 20 days (all his insurance would allow). Within a few days, he was progressing well. By the end of 2o days, they had him walking 1,000 feet with his walker, and 75-100 feet with only his cane. He has not been able to a thousand feet in years… perhaps 5 or more. At the end of his stay, the therapy folks said if he could stay 3 weeks more, they thought they could have him walking the 1,000 feet with only a cane. But insurance wouldn't pay for it, and he didn't have the $3,000 to self pay. Some three months later, we are going to try to get him into their physical therapy as an out patient… and hopefully, 6 weeks of PT @ $100/week copay… hopefully they can work their miracles again. As for the rest of the facilty, they had numerous and varied activities… great tasting food… snacks 3 times a day, if dedired… very caring and helpful staff. Overall, I'd rate it at least four and a half stars out of five. If there was a negative, it would be that they lacked a single point of control, and they were always passing the responsibility to someone else. I feel a single person, who would then find the answer, and get back to the patient/family would have saved a lot of frustration, in my opinion… but still a fabulous facility.