Review of Spring Branch Transitional Care Center

3 Star User Review

My family member was in this place for less than a year and in that time it went from ok to worse. When I would go in, sometimes there would be people at the desk on the floor and other times not. There were times when I would bring stuff in or take things out of the room and there was no one on the floor to ask me if everything was ok. They had a insect issue, there were knats in the room, there were 3 dead roaches, on in the bathroom so I know they never went in there. The bathroom was nasty, I went to heat up some food for her and the garbage was piled up, and the area was not clean. I really believe that Health and Human services should pay them a visit. They lost her wheelchair and told her that she didn't have her name on it, when they took it out of her room. The place could be nice, but the floor staff seems to not care, nor do they care how they look. One thing that they are serious about is smoke breaks, and taking patients out for a smoke.