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These ratings and user reviews of Alameda Oaks Nursing Center will help you pick the best nursing home in Corpus Christi, Texas. All our reviews are written by users like you, and are not available anywhere else! See what patients of Alameda Oaks Nursing Center, their friends, their families, and their loved ones have to say about their experiences with this nursing home.

I made the mistake of putting a loved one in this facility and it almost cost them their life. After much shoddy care I finally got them to a facility that cared for them and their welfare. There are better choices than this place. Please… Full Review

The only way this place gets a one star rating is because it will not let me give a rating of 0. The care of your loved one will put them at risk of injury. When you ask questions the care of your loved one only gets worse. If you ask for help… Full Review

If you make waves at this facility you can bet that they will take it out on the patient. They will make it difficult for your loved one to call for help and leave them unattended for long periods of time on their so called critical care… Full Review

The absolute worst nursing home I have ever had a loved one in. Standard answer to everything is "It's not my job". The care was hit and miss. The management was untrained and uncaring. I would discourage anyone from putting their… Full Review

There are to many chiefs and not enough indians and most of them do not care about their patients. On occasion you will find a special person that cares but it is few and far between. That person is very appreciated but they cannot… Full Review

Do not send a loved one here! They overcharge paying patients and they are understaffed. Most of the staff needs additional training and management is not not interested in listening to your concerns. … Full Review

The nursing staff sits around giggling, not responding to calls. No one changed bandages all weekend. The one person you think you can count on, the social worker, was not any better. Who cares about the Elvis entertainment or the bbq… Full Review

This facility has major issues. The property constantly has issues that dont seem to get fixed. The staff in general is very rude. Most of them are too busy with their own business to help anybody. The worst part is the awful attitude of the… Full Review

If you treasure family values and love your family member - DO NOT leave your love one here. They are the professionals yet complained about my mother roaming at night. They "say" they accept/work with Alzheimer's patients only they informed… Full Review

Unfortunately, my Grandmother had to go to a rehab facility. Fortunately, there was never a question as to where she would go. We had to go to Alameda Oaks Nursing Center. There are many things for the residents to do while they are recuperating… Full Review

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