Review of Advanced Rehabilitation and Healthcare of Bowie

1 Star User Review

I would rate this rehab as less than one. From the minute they met our transport at the door with a dilapidated wheelchair things just went down hill. We came to this rehab because my mom had two pelvic fractures. She is a type one diabetic with other autoimmune disorders. The wheel chair offered no support for her legs (one foot rest was missing) or pelvic support. She cried in pain all the way to her room. Once in the room there was no trapeze on her bed or bed rails, yet they had been told she was going to the rehab from the hospital 3 days earlier. They were not prepared and blamed it on lack of communication. They offered her a hot dog or pancake for her supper knowing she is a type one diabetic. We were told those were the only choices. I had to go to Walmart and get her evening meal. When we finally got a bedside chair it was rusted beyond belief. That chair was replaced with one without a bucket. It took 2 more hours for a bucket to arrive. We were told that the bed situation would be corrected within a few hours. After 18 hours the bed situation had not been corrected. During the whole stay her blood sugar was not taken by the staff, which is no big deal since I was taking it for her. They never asked what her blood sugar was in order to chart it. We were not put in a rehab room. They put her in the general population area instead of the rehab area. At midnight the yelling from nursing home patients was so loud that there was no possibility of sleep. The next day my sister and I decided they were not prepared to properly take care of our mother and we took her home less than 24 hours after arriving.