Review of Baytown Nursing & Rehab Center

1 Star User Review

Our mother was evacuated from her home due to Hurricane Harvey. She is on hospice and she is blind. She is not able to push a button and ask for help. For several weeks my sister, who is a nurse practitioner has been staying at night with mom, our step-father sits with her during the day. The facility will no longer let my sister stay at night. Our mother cannot use her hands, she cannot see and she cannot hear. She has no way to ask for help. She is recovering from pneumonia and if she chokes she has no way to request assistance. This is deplorable. We cannot move her back home because her house was flooded by Hurricane Harvey.

This facility will not provide an adequate chair for my step-father to sit with her. He is 6'5" and walks with a walker. It is difficult to get up out of a regular height chair. We had a chair for him that he used for several weeks but they removed the risers that made it the correct height. Now has to sit on his walker all day.

This entire situation is without humanity or caring.