Review of Asbury Place at Maryville

1 Star User Review

This is a dangerous place to have your loved one. It is on the Tennessee state watch list. They endangered my mother's life more than once. They were unresponsive to complaints. While RNs and mid-level supervisors were fine, there is a culture of not caring among several top administrators and the head physician that is astonishing.Additionally, CNAs, especially on the weekend, do not bother to check on patients. I have sat with my mother for up to six hours with no CNA entering the room. I have found her with bloody lips (dried blood)and in her own urine at 10am - no one checks patients many mornings. Their call buttons do not work properly in one wing, patients can lay for hours, perhaps choking, with no one coming to check. Sometimes, especially weekends, there is a cacaphony of at least half a doze voices crying "help, help" but no one comes (one lady does cry from dementia, but the other cries are real.) No one is watching call lights or even on the floor or at the desk. Trays for patients on special diets for their own safety due to difficulty swallowing are not checked. Nurses were told to give mother medicines that were on her allergy list. Mother's antibiotics were discontinued early by the house physician in spite of a diagnosis of pneumonia. Also, the facility repeatedly attempted to deny us the ability to see our own doctors and specialists. Please do not allow your loved one to go to this facility.