Review of Harriman Care & Rehab Center

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Harriman Care and Rehab,

I can't believe my mom was a resident at this place for 2 plus years, she passed away on Christmas night. We have her services on Thursday the 29th of December. You would think that at least the Chaplain or one of the head people of the this place would have came and showed their respects. Well guess what that didn't happen. My mom was just a paycheck to this place!!!!! I seen many times her press that button for someone come help her and oh we will as soon as trays come out, I'm calling BS. I timed one time over an hour and trays still hadn't come out, so guess what my sister did your alls job like she most times, she shouldn't have, because she didn't get the pay you all earned for those times she was doing your JOB!!!!! And as far as one nurse saying if mom was eating f'ing crap, guess what I've seen the crap your cafeteria serves. Lets not leave out the CNA going and tell someone how a resident is doing!!!!! Isn't that against HIPPA law!!!! Also when is it okay for a CNA to hand out meds!!!!! I'm glad my mom didn't pass away at this place. Don't get me wrong some nurses and CNA's are really good at what they do, some not so much and shouldn't be in this field of work!!!! My sister shouldn't have been the one doing YOUR alls job!!!!! PERIOD!!!!! Also when is okay for a Nurse to give meds to a resident when those meds where supposed to be stopped. Also at one time while my mom was there, she was given someone else meds. How the hell does this place deserve a 5 star rating? Should be shut down. Why is it allowed to a nurse to give a resident someone else meds and the nurse still be working here?

Donna Pressley