Review of Nhc Place at Cool Springs

1 Star User Review

This place is ridiculously expensive for the care it renders, or should I say does not render. Assisted living might be fine, orthopedic PT is fine, but don't put someone here who is a stroke patient. Look carefully during the day when you visit. You will see a thick film of dust on all surfaces, hazardous waste material lying on the floors, baths not cleaned and patients who are left to lie in their own filth. They run a new batch of Techs through every couple of months, and no one supervises them. As long as the nurses don't have to do the grunt work, they don't care. So you might get a good tech one day and someone who is not real bright the next day or someone who just doesn't care. There is no check off list for the techs to follow so they don't know who needs what when it comes to special care. Stroke patients can't get things tech place just out of their reach. They can't go to the bathroom on their own. They are as helpless as little babies, but the poor darlings are treated like second class citizens here. Most of them have some dementia going on so they can't really tattle on the Techs. They are banged around, bruised, left to fall, left with wet hair after a shower , food and water placed out of their reach. Orders are not carried out. No one supervises the tech or performs a quality check to make sure they are doing their jobs properly. It is not their fault they are not trained. Do not be fooled by carpets on the floor (who thinks that is a good idea for people who pee on them?), the nice furniture, dinning room and hotel like atmosphere they try hard to deceive you into thinking it is a quality, caring place. They lack procedures, nurses with experience, and people who actually care about these helpless little men and ladies whose children and spouses are unable to care for them at home. Find another place.