Review of Signature Healthcare of Putnam County

5 Star User Review

Ms. Melinda Bilbrey & Ms. Sylvia Burton

Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation-Masters

278 Dry Valley Road

Algood, TN 38506

Re: Care for my father

In the late 90's, our family had an uncle that needed care outside of his home. Masters was selected. Uncle Whit had wonderful care. When my Dad needed care, my parents selected Masters. Masters is a tremendous resource! They were convenient to the Cookeville community so that all friends and family could easily come to visit my Dad. My Mom came and had lunch with Dad throughout his stays over a year and a half until he passed away in an area hospital.

We loved the smiles on everyone's faces. The head nurse arranged for an initial meeeting with my Mom and I in a conference room setting. This was beautiful as it allowed us to personally meet all of the department heads responsible for my Dad's care. They welcomed our questions and concerns. The head nurse even went out of her way to conference in my wife back in Virginia by phone. My wife is a pharmacist and appreciated being included (especially as it related to my Dad's medications being properly transitioned from home to the hospital to Masters). The encouragement given to my father during his re-hab work-outs and the entertainment provided daily by the activities director were excellent for his mental health. They even arranged for voting to take place on election day at Masters. The social worker was kind to make us all aware of area home health care providers and U-Kart (a transportation system provided to facilitate visits to & from doctors within the Cookeville community). This helped relieve anxiety for my Mom as I was going back to Virginia. The administrators could not have been more helpful in helping us all to figure out how Medicare/Medicaid worked as it related to hospital and Master's visits. The attending doctor, Dr. Richards, was very kind to have family consults.

God bless them all!

Brent Garrison