Review of Wexford Healthcare Center

1 Star User Review

I gave Wexford Healhcare Center one star, because about the only thing they did for my mother-in-law was keep her alive. They didn't bathe her regularly, she had NO toothbrush, they sent her out of the facility smelling bad, and her hair was so dirty it looked wet. She had two injuries while there, and it took a while to get any type of explanation, and when we finally did, the explanations didn't make sense. Her clothing, or what was left of it, since most of it went missing, was deplorable. They sent her on a home visit with pants that were ripped up to the hip!!! No common sense, lack of supervision, they are grossly understaffed, and the staff that's left have bad attitudes. My mother-in-law was there about three years, and we watched a steady decline in the quality of the place. However, they did do a complete re-model of the lobby areas, so the place LOOKS awesome, but don't be fooled by that, I cannot recommend this place. We finally moved her out when it became apparent that the situation wasn't going to improve, even after multiple complaints.