Review of Twin Pines Health Care Center

1 Star User Review

This place is gorgeous. It is clean and spacious and the rooms are very nice. The food is generously portioned. On the phone, the administrative staff are warm and helpful-sounding. And some of them actually are warm and helpful. Every therapist I met was optimistic, skilled, and compassionate. Some of the nurses and aides embody patience, generosity, a sense of humor, and compassion. Should you be so fortunate as to only encounter those individuals, you may have a good experience. But realize that the full tale is not told on the surface of this facility. Its for-profit corporate nature and policies militate against advocacy for the resident, resident rights and choices, and staff morale. My observations and experience included frequent inattentiveness to the patient; defensiveness, dismissiveness, and even hostility when concerns about care were presented; conflicting information from different caregivers about the same set of chart notes; intimidation tactics used by caregivers and administrative staff; and consistent rough handling by certain caregivers. In spite of several truly wonderful employees I did encounter here, I would not choose this facility again. Ever.