Review of Twin Pines Health Care Center

5 Star User Review

My father was at Twin Pines for about a month and a half and the new facility and overhaul is exceptional. The round the clock attention of the staff, cleanliness and overall high quality of the facility exceeds that of most other residential nursing care programs I've witnessed. The staff went out of their way to accommodate my requests and although it wasn't 'home' my father always reported being treated well and with dignity. The food service rivaled a fine dining experience at a restaurant. I understand this facility was once in need of dire attention, I would suggest that the past issues were addressed and then some. My visits to Twin Pines were frequent since I live about 6 miles away so I would show up early in the morning, sometimes late at night and sometimes mid-day - the care was very consistent regardless of the time I was there. It's always difficult to relinquish care of loved ones into the hands of others but Twin Pines did a good job with my father who had a complicated health history. The staff called regularly on any changes in his treatment including medication adjustments, etc.