Review of Richboro Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

5 Star User Review

Our Father was at this care center for a while, and a family member visited him everyday, so we closely witnessed the levels of care to him and other residents. Richboro deserve much praise for the level of attention and kindness their staff gives. From the initial phone call answered by the facility manager, I was given a level of warmth not felt on other calls. Richboro is located in a small, older bldg. on a peaceful residential street, and is not owned by a large unfeeling conglomerate. While it does not have the eye popping amenities some places have, they make up for this is with excellent care provided by gentle staff, right down to the food service helpers. Reality is most elderly in long term care /or rehab are not making use of the amenities they way more ambulatory, younger folks might. What you are looking for is high quality, attentive care. When your loved one presses their call button is it answered swiftly, respectfully, lovingly? When you, as the observant loved one express a health care concern, how soon do they respond? At Richboro, the Staff checks the rooms frequently. Example, our father's roommate was sleeping in his wheel chair, when a staff member walking in the hallway she noticed he was not positioned correctly in the chair. That person stopped and fixed the situation immediately. Our father rates the service as "excellent" "great food" "they come quickly when he rings for them;" he has no complaints. When I queried other residents I got similar responses, "great care, no complaints". I visited several other places that were larger & fancier. But their atmosphere was not warm, and you did not see many staff around. But at Richboro there are always staff available, ready to respond to any need. As I walk through the halls I see fun relationships between staff and residents, and they spend time chatting with them at dinner, or when in their rooms. This gives me a peaceful feeling about leaving our father their. I would highly recommend it for rehab or long term care.