Review of Sanatoga Center

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I am requesting to get in some form of contact with anyone whom has experienced neglectful care towards themselves or a family member or friend that lead to shortening of life or neglectful death due to the lack of care from Sanatoga center located in Pottstown Pa. I currently am filing suit against the center for the wrongful death of my grandmother and am associated with a lawyer that specializes in this field. It was recently brought to my attention that a close friend of mine is about to lose their father due to the same exact to the T medical reason because of the same exact neglectful care being given to him at Sanatoga center. We are both filing individual suits with the same lawyer and with just this review board alone I have seen that yet another lost someone special the same way. I am reaching out to all of those that may have experienced or know of someone who has experienced such neglect so they too can see if they find interest in getting in contact with this lawyer to file suit against this nursing home. In turn they can protect the legacy and integrity of the patient and force change in this nursing home or even if enough individual suits are filed even shut it down so the patients still there may have a better chance at receiving proper care. You can contact me through email at where we can discuss details in more privacy and I can give you all the contact information you will need to see if this is something that would apply to your case and something you would find interest in following through. Please help change this system, please help make a difference for the lives of those still at Sanatoga center and your Libes as well. Thank you all for reading and I really hope to hear from you. Jw