Review of Sanatoga Center

4 Star User Review

My Dad went here for Rehab after his hip Operation. He was able to get around a bit and he was given the recommendation that he could Rehab "better than at home" at this short term facility. He was doubtful at first but a friend of his had stayed here and their family was very Pleased. He truly sang the praises of the staff there. "very helpful and accommodating"

The One Really nice thing was that Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. Of course all Dad wanted to do was "go home" and sleep in "my own bed", but even he admits now that he did "BETTER REHAB there than if he was at home". He would not have been able to walk so far and so quickly if not with the help of the therapy and Nursing staff at Sanatoga Center. thanks to all the staff with great big hearts! You are all GREAT!