Review of Pennsburg Manor

1 Star User Review

I really wouldn't give them on prong on the star chart. My mother arrived for rehab and it was between a circus and the three stooges. No one keeps you informed nor do they truly explain things. They also failed to put a sign stating family member will do laundry for an entire day so now one of my mothers articles of clothing is lost. So far she isn't even allowed to do much and I am trying desperately to get her moved. The bathroom is between two rooms and that means there are 4 people to share one bathroom. These are elderly people and let me tell you they use the bathroom a lot and for a longer period of time too. The toilet was clogged from 4PM until I arrived at 815PM and the CNA plunged the toilet, why didn't they call maintenance? I have no clue but it still wasn't working properly even when it was plunged. They had a water main break and no water from 3PM even after I arrived they were still using buckets to flush the toilets……..and I don't think they are as compassionate as they are when a family member is there. My mother has all her faculties and sense about her. I would never recommend this place for any type of rehab!!!! Let alone for a loved one to stay on a long term basis.