Review of The Grove at New Wilmington

1 Star User Review

This place DOES NOT even deserve ONE STAR it deserves none…my time as an employee there was ABSOLUTLY HORRENDOUS, with an authoritarian - tyrannical complex in MANAGMENT..the residents are often neglected, not taken care of when need be. they keep employees who abuse residents and put them on a different floor ,only to continue there unprofessional behavior. Housekeeping is quite incompitant and full of drama the supervisor who is also the compliance officer IS NOT approachable about any situation ,doesn't even care and wonders why she can't keep House keepers , because of 2 housekeepers who keep causing trouble between employees and it causes people to flee and find work elsewhere . You can't trust anyone even if your eyes were open. The food they serve the residents is ABSOLUTLY disgusting…the residents don't even like it…maintenance doesn't fix anything and when they do it's half assed… the one MALE CNA inappropriately touched woman and gets away with it …some women are afraid to come forward and say anything , because management is not approachable about any situation what do ever they sweep it under the rug and make the victim look bad , also when the state health department isn't around alot of nasty things go on . If you don't want your relatives to die within 6 months to a year , don't put your loved ones here