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This is a horrible place??! My family member is here now for approximately 10 days, it's her 2nd day here. They don't wear gloves when treating you or toileting you and they don't shut the door when you are on the toilet. The food is nasty ?? No butter is given and salt and pepper45 is seldom. The beds are really narrow. They constantly give the wrong drink than what you asked for. The one good thing is the staff is very nice. Also a nurse gave me a shot and when she pulled out the needle she didn't put cotton or gauze on it, she put her ungloved finger on it! Dinner was a tuna sandwich, chips, fruit and again the wrong beverage!!!!! The water sent with dinner had no ice in it! NEVER AGAIN!!!!!!

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I agree with you 1000%. Makes me wonder how much money they saved on purchasing those little beds that you can literally fall out of if you roll over. But no worries , they will be glad to throw a filthy blue mat on the floor in case that happens. I also have never witnessed a grey hamburger but I did there. I wish I could upload the picture of it. Its a shame. I'm sure its all due to GREED