Review of Mon Valley Care Center

1 Star User Review

I was very disappointed in this facility. Fortunately, my parent was there for a short time. In fact, we received our "welcome packet" folder the day before discharge. For 10 days, there was no information provided to us, or to the patient. I called to speak to social workers, nurses, therapists, with VERY FEW return calls. I want to be clear that of those professionals with whom I did speak, some were helpful, professional and very willing to provide information requested. I did have one who provided standard text book answers that were really non-answers. On the care side, I will say that the patients have to wait a very long time for attention. Example: over 40 minutes to get assistance to go to bathroom, and another 30 before they were helped back. I am not certain, as I have no comparison, but that seems like a long wait for a patient. I will become more educated on this type of care, and suggest others do the same prior to needing it for a family member.