Review of Wesbury United Methodist Commu

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Facility wide this place is a disaster the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.There is no communication. They recently brought in a Nursing Consultant from Maryland that truly is sinking this place even faster. She is single handed wrecking this facility alone. All she cares about is the obscene amount of money that they are paying while she just walks around and smiles and attacks staff for doing a proper job. I would never put my loved one here… not properly staffed… 4 nursing assistants for staffing of 66 residents on the one unit College Way on second shift. They also count the nurses as hands on care but anyone that has been in nursing homes knows you simply only see the nursing assistants flying around doing all the work. Legally i don't understand how a facility can maintain operations when upper management simply does not care all except for their obscene bonuses they receive for cutting corners on staffing because of the money that they have saved. And who has ever heard of NURSING HOME needing a CEO and CFO ?