Review of Quality Life Services - Henry Clay

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My Uncle was in this home for almost a year because of a back problem that kept him from walking. This is one place that I would NOT recommend. The nursing staff are not caring and don't care about the patients. My uncle was woken up one night to be given medications. He asked the nurse what the medication was for (was just curious of what he was taking and what it was for). The nurse said "I don't know, its just what you are to get.) Ok. #1.. if you are giving a patient medications, you NEED to know what it is, and whats its for. My uncle, was a little worried being that the NURSE did not know what the medication was and asked her nicely to please check (because he was never woken up before to be given this medication). The nurse got upset and went and checked, came back and told him. He accepted it and went back to sleep. The next day my uncle got a visit from a supervisor telling him that he may be getting "wrote up" for being smart and disrespectful to this nurse only because he questioned the nurse after she did not know the medication. My uncle is a very nice man and never disrespects anyone.

Another time was another gentleman who was in the home, who was not in his right state of mind, was sticking his hands down the back of his pants and wiping it on other residents. My uncle being one of them. My uncle asked him to please stop, he did not. So he went to the nurses station and asked the nurses to talk to the gentleman and have him stop. They did nothing, got smart with him and threatened to write up for "threatening" the gentleman. When he did no such thing.

Needless to say, the staff does not seem to like when people in their right mind, who are capable of seeing what goes on and who can complain, are there. They don't watch the residents very well and only focus on getting their job done. No care, no compassion. Its sickening. Please do your research on nursing homes before deciding on where to put a loved one.