Review of Langhorne Gardens Health and Rehabilitation Center

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It doesn't even deserve one star. The lack of care and concern is beyond frustration. Budget cutbacks from new Non-profit" owners have left these residents without linens, diapers, gloves to avoid spreading disease, and lack of every day attention. Residents are left in bed because there is nothing to wash them or change them. The cleaning staff has been cut back and the place is filthy. Frequent falls, and call bells not being answered. Poorest conditions I have witnessed in 6 yrs. there.

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Boy..did you hit the nail on the head. I agrees whole heartedly and know what you say is true. My best friend just pulled her loved one out. How can the State turn their heads on the neglect? What does this leave for the future of our seniors. Pray that they can stay home till the end and NEVER have to step foot in this place. No one can seem to get it under control to a respectable place it once was years ago. Very poor management and attitudes.