Review of Langhorne Gardens Health and Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

Langhorne Gardens is filthy, the staff does not do their job. My step mother was transferred there yesterday from saint mary's hospital for a few days to complete some physical therapy. She was a fall risk at the hospital and needs to work up her muscles. The patient who was in the bed before her, was LITERALLY there before her, and when I visited her today, those bed clothes the PRIOR patient used were still sitting balled up in the room. Trash on the floor. Nurses do not listen to patients. My father came with me to visit my step mother and he is disabled and has trouble walking so he uses a cane. He went to have a seat and a staff member told him he was not allowed to sit there and took the chair from him. He was about to fall down. Unfortunately I can't do anything because its the weekend but I plan to contact whoever I can to report this horrible facility that do not have doctors on call and do not keep track of patient medications so on and so forth. DON'T LET YOUR LOVED ONES DIE HERE.