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My 84-year old mom was a patient at Kingston Healthcare Center in Kingston PA for 5 months this year. She had terminal breast cancer and Parkinson's Disease, the later which immobilized her. Some of the staff were compassionate and caring, and some where not. Needless to say they're understaffed and it showed. I remember my mom stating several times "everything is a waiting game here". Patients sit or lay and wait, wait, wait for whatever needs they require tending to at the time. Those patients who are unable to walk are in diapers as again, no staff available to take them to the bathroom when they ask to go. They let them sit and wet themselves, and they sit in wet diapers in the halls, in bed, in the dining room for hours. My mom had trouble vocalizing when they had her on too many drugs, drugs that had her hallucinating. We found her once abandoned in the "activity room" all alone in her wheelchair, unable to talk, move, on her own. Facing a wall. She was there for at least an hour or more before we found her.

This nursing home isn't the only one with problems…they all have issues because of under-staffing and aides or nurses who should be in another line of work. I could list a dozen complaints, but it's all over and done with. My mom passed away there this month.,,3 weeks ago. And my father, who had sat with her every single day for 7 or 8 hours while she was there…162 or more days, has not yet received a sympathy card from this place. That alone speaks volumes. They talk the talk and are extremely helpful and accommodating when trying to get you in there, get that bed filled, promise the world, then when you're no longer a paying customer, you're forgotten completely. Our vet does more when we lose a pet. This place could have redeemed themselves somewhat, if they showed some compassion to my family's devastating loss and sent a card. The admissions person did call him and left a message asking if he wanted to donate her clothes left there. Didn't even say I'm sorry for your loss. :(

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Thank you for taking the time to write this review. I am trying to place a beloved relative in rehab, the hospital staff is in a hurry to discharge him, and this review helps me in talking with them.