Review of Rydal Park of Philadelphia Prs

2 Star User Review

My mother was recently transferred to Rydal Park for rehabilitation services after a fall. For a facility that has such a high rating, my family and I could not have been more disappointed.

Upon admission, my mom was taken to her room where we waited 20 minutes for a staff member to come in. It turned out the worker was only delivering a menu for her evening meal and it was another 15 minutes until a nurse arrived.

During the course of her few day stay, she was left on a bedpan for 40 minutes, a toilet for 20 minutes and another 40 minutes for someone to answer her call bell to the nurses station. Wheeling her back from PT, an aide told my mother she was leaving her in the wheelchair because dinner was in 1/2 hour. In actuality, dinner wasn't for 1 1/2 hours, the aide just didn't want to be bothered putting my mother back in her bed only to have her help her out of it again. I had that aide removed from any future contact with my mother.

Nurses, PT and OT workers seems kind and gentle but there are not enough nurses. The aides are beyond pathetic. Staff is minimal during the week but almost nonexistent on weekends. Only two RN's cover one large floor on weekends, medications are late being delivered and you can see many call bells lit outside of patient rooms. The care of nurses is good but there are just too few of them. A nurse I spoke with said, "I'm not looking for a pay raise, just more help."

Please reconsider placement of your loved one at another facility. Rydal Park falls short on many levels.