Review of Westgate Hills Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

3 Star User Review

Amazing is the first word that comes to mind . Amazing how the patients are herded into an area and left there . Amazing how with all wheelchairs at the end of the hall are either dirty , broken or having leftover food on them from who knows when .Amazing how when walking the halls , the room lights are blinking ( calling for assistance) and no one answers the call . Amazing how this facility can house these patients and not care for their personal dignity . Amazing how a nursing home can be so understaffed during the course of day . Amazing how the staff can retire at night with a clear conscience and finally wouldnt it be AMAZING to see the changes they would make if THEIR loved ones were inmates.oops. patients. oops . i meant residents because that is what it is described as being a residence . Amazing how many of the staff WOULD NOT allow their family members to move in . And some aren't even given their teeth or hearing aides. Amazing huh?