Review of Hempfield Manor

1 Star User Review

Hempfield Manor is a disgrace. It looks promising when you first enter, but it all goes downhill from there. The staff's rude and inattentive to the patients' needs. One in particular (I won't mention her name, except that it begins with an "S" and ends with an "a") would rather stand around and socialize with co-workers than attend to my aunt's medical emergency (breathing complications); when she finally did show up, she checked her over for a few seconds and then left. I understand there are many residents and the place is probably short-staffed. However, their behavior and lack of concern is unacceptable. Not surprisingly, my aunt passed away during her residence at Hempfield Manor. She entered to rehabilitate from a minor stroke, was expected to recover, but died weeks later. Had she been taken care of in a better place, I don't doubt she'd still be with us today. To anyone considering placing a loved one in Hempfield Manor: how much regard do you have for that person? If you really love them, find somewhere else for them.