Review of Harston Hall

1 Star User Review

If you hear someone say Harston Hall you need to run , walk, crawl, roll, as far as you can. When you hear stories about nursing homes I never believed them to be true until I came to this facility . It was the worst!!! The halls smell like bowel , it doesn't look clean. There 'a always people out in front of the entrance smoking, when many people don't want to be bombarded with cigarette smoke entering a building. There were many times that I pressed the button for someone to come help me in my room and it would take nearly a half an hour for someone to come and see what I needed. God forbid it was an emergency. The communication between myself and administration was no better, things that were suppose to get done didn't get done unless you constantly stayed on there back, I caught one of the administrators in a lie. They said that they did something but never did. I don't recommend this facility to no one!! I'm only giving it one star because some of the nurses were actually really nice, I would have givin it no stars.