Review of Elkins Crest Health and Rehabilitation Center

1 Star User Review

If you have a loved one in this facility remove them asap. My 26 year old brother was in this facility for a little over 24 hours and developed an eye infection; my mother informed them serveral times and nothing was done. My mother asked to see the Nutritionist and again nothing was done. My brother started physical therapy and was crying and making pain sounds (he is unable to talk) and the staff at Elkins Crest just him like that for 48 hours. When I called and asked why he wasn’t given pain medicine they first blamed it on the Physician not calling them back to input orders, then hours later the staff blamed it on the Pharmacy. Long story short my brother was taken out of their by Police (they refused to call an ambulance) and taken to Jeanes Hospital and in 2 hours was put into ICU. While driving away from Elkins Crest the staff proceeded to stand outside and wave. My brother passed away a few days later. This facility needs to be shut down!!!!!