Review of Devon Manor

1 Star User Review

To say this place is inadequate would be too kind. I went for therapy after a total knee replacement and actually had almost NO therapy. As a result after almost a month my doctor told me I would need another procedure to have a manipulation to break up the scar tissue that had formed from the lack of therapy at the rehab. Also they were very unethical when telling me I couldn't be released because I may not be eligible for out patient therapy. Not knowing what to expect from such a procedure I foolishly stayed for two weeks which was the critical time and having no hands on therapy is what caused the scar tissue to form. Months later I am still treating and others that had total knee replacements after me are running past me.

The whole place deserves a very very POOR rating. From the food to the support staff and even the social worker and the housekeeping, no one deserves anything more than a very poor rating. Do yourself a favor and don't go there!