Review of West Hills Health and Rehabilitation Center

4 Star User Review

I recently was in this facility for rehabilitation after a total joint replacement. The PT/OT staff were outstanding; the thoroughness and intensity of therapies I received from cheerful, positive therapists proved to be an immense help to me once I was discharged to home. The nursing staff (LPNs and RNs) were professional, observant, and proactive in addressing my medical needs. The caregivers, CNAs, would rate a 3 as I saw a fair number who were more consumed in their own personal problems than in giving good care to their patients; some of the CNAs did not seem to understand the concept of working with other departments to insure continuity of overall patient care, especially with rehab patients, where scheduling is more critical. This said, the issue of employing good CNAs runs deeper than poor hiring practices or inadequate management, neither of which I am alleging in this facility's case (actually, this rating of 3 may be slightly higher than other facilities located closer to city center.) Dietary was adequate, although I found some meal choices questionable for older people with increased digestive issues ( ham sandwich, cheetos, and canned, sliced fruit for supper and some sort of scrambled egg conncoction for breakfast that tasted nothing like eggs) Other meals were much more appealing and satisfying. The activities' staff worked hard to meet a wide spectrum of cognitive and social needs for both long-term and rehabilitation patients. Overall, I would reccomend this facility for outstanding rehab services. The staff was friendlier than other facilities I have visited in the past.