Review of North Strabane Rehabilitation and Wellness Center, Ll

1 Star User Review

My mother stayed here for 3 months before she passed. She was disabled and only 56 years old. this was the only facility she had made no connections to any staff members. She constantly had a disruptive roommate. Despite taking all of her social security to go along with the thousands Medicaid covered, they still weren't staffed enough to allow for more than 2 showers a week! There were mix ups in her pain meds from the first day. The place smelled of urine constantly. Every time I called any of the staff on the phone I was made to feel rushed and never felt as though anyone cared. There wasn't even a voicemail to leave a message for any of the managerial staff. The account they wanted me to fund for my mothers personal use didn't even offer end of the month statements! I was told "well just see how it goes"! And to make matters worse, when my mother passed on the 9th day of the month I was sent a bill for the entire month! When I called to question it I was told that is how the insurance works! Horrible place!