Review of Broomall Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

5 Star User Review

I am really surprised by these negative reviews on the internet, because my experience with Broomall Rehab & Nursing was so different. My brother lived there for almost three years, and I always felt that he was cared about and well cared for. Staff members were always pleasant and responsive to me, and I was always informed about the slightest problem. My brother could no longer walk, yet he never developed bed sores, because the care was so good. The facility is remarkably clean and never smelled. I really found the staff to be caring and kind, and they were tremendously patient with all the residents with Alzheimers Disease or other forms of dementia. I think it is true that they could probably use more staff at times, because it is a hard and demanding job, especially working with all the dementia patients, some of whom are rude and downright abusive to staff members. I honestly feel that Broomall is being misrepresented in many of these negative reviews--perhaps because people have unrealistic expectations. I would absolutely recommend Broomall based on my experience with this nursing home.